Importance of Functional and Reliable Telecommunications in a Veterinary Practice

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Written in collaboration by AVRA & URL Networks

When Caring is in the Call

Although the link between providing high quality animal care and telephony solutions might not seem obvious at first, without a reliable source of communication capability between your clinic and your clients, your veterinary practice operations would very quickly break down.

Over 75% of Australian clients choose placing a phone call to their local veterinary practice as their primary mode of communication, in spite of the availability of online booking systems and other means of getting in touch. Quite often this contact may also be imbued with a sense of urgency, as in the case of an accident or a beloved pet’s sudden and severe onset of illness; so in this regard, phone calls can often initiate a sequence of events that quite literally save lives.

Hence the utilisation of a highly reliable, functional telecommunications system is of paramount importance to every Veterinary Clinic. This obviously extends not just to the servicing of existing clients, but also to the first impressions of all prospective new clients – as their interaction with your telephony system is very likely the first experience they will have of your clinic on a purely customer service level. So whilst the feathery, furry and scaly end-patients are the ultimate recipients of your physical care and health interventions; keeping their humanoid companions content is a significant aspect of running your clinic as a successful business.

If a client, be they present or prospective, encounters significant difficulties connecting with your reception staff, in a competitive market, they may simply choose to take their custom elsewhere – along with their precious word-of-mouth recommendations. Thus it is essential that your telephony solution is capable of handling both your incoming and outgoing call volume, and that your on-site internet connectivity solution is stable in support of this. The bottom line is that your clients always need to be able to reach you during an emergency as well as re general appointment scheduling; to request medication refills; updates on test results or for any other follow-up questions about pets requiring ongoing care.

In addition to servicing your clientele adequately, your telecommunications service is also crucial to the success of your internal operations. Without this functioning smoothly, intercom systems break down, as does the ability to connect with external industry professionals; to follow-up on laboratory test results; maintain essential supply levels; to access and update patient history during consultations; and to book additional appointments and process payments – individually disabling any of these aspects is detrimental to the business, but collectively they can cause disastrous consequences for both a pet’s health status as well as your customer acquisition and retention levels.

Ultimately, there are a multitude of reasons why a contemporary veterinary clinic’s choice of telecommunications provider is one of its most significant decisions – just as much as any other essential piece of treatment equipment. With so much data housed in cloud storage solutions via most commercial vet Practice Management Systems (PMS) , if your internet connection goes offline, without the utilisation of adequate emergency back-up facilities, it will rapidly cripple operations. Therefore your partnering with a reputable, reliable service provider is a significant investment in the future success of your business, and ensures that the primary directive of offering the best possible level of care to all the animals your clinic engages with can be maintained.

URL Networks is proud to have been providing its services to a number of veterinary clinics across Australia for many years. We work closely with our clients to design a custom internet and telephony solution that is stable, scaleable and incorporates options for 4G back-up facilities that can operate as fail-safes in the unusual event of any localised outages.  Our motto is always “Stree-free Telecommunications” and we work hard to ensure that our clients always receive the service level from us that they in turn expect to deliver to their own clientele. So if you are looking for a better choice of provider, we’re looking forward to your call.

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