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I was thrilled to hear there was something specifically designed for our veterinary receptionists and to have my reception team recognised for the amazing role that they play day in and day out. The Foundation Course has helped to build their skills and confidence. Thank you AVRA.

Melanie M. – Practice Manager

AVRA Foundation Course


I am quite new to the vet industry and was employed as a veterinary receptionist. Upon completing the online foundation course, I have gained the skills and knowledge to perform certain tasks and duties in my role. It has also given me the understanding of how important my role is in my practice and what qualities I can bring. I have found the reception reference guide to be super helpful and handy and keep it at my desk all the time if I ever need to flick through it. Thank you.

Stacey S. – Veterinary Receptionist

AVRA Foundation Course

Fantastic presentation that was taught with digestible information that proves functional to ‘beginner’ veterinary staff or as a conscious refresher to those with a basis understanding that breaks down the ‘why’ of dog behaviour making data and clinical information applicable and relevant to the industry and workplace.

Sarah B. – Veterinary Receptionist

Dogs Trust – Dog Behaviour for Veterinary Receptionists

Great foundation course!

Alicia M. – Veterinary Receptionist

AVRA Foundation Course

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