AVRA Free Resources

The AVRA is proud of the community of Veterinary Professionals we support. We want to continue that support by providing additional free resources you can access. You do not need to be an AVRA member to access the following resources. We believe in sharing our information as much as we can, to help create a healthy and vibrant industry for us all.

Resources for Hiring

Below are a list of resources you can refer to when looking to hire a new Veterinary Receptionist or Administrative role. Our Position Descriptions are designed to be generic and cover the industry as a whole. You will need to add/remove details depending on what you are looking for in clinic (eg your policies, if they need specific species experience, etc).

Junior Veterinary Receptionist Position Description

Veterinary Receptionist Position Description

Senior Veterinary Receptionist Position Description

Veterinary Reception Manager Position Description

Interested in Offering Training Courses?

If you are a training provider or in the industry, and are interested in offering training courses through AVRA please contact us at info@avra.net.au