Who are the AVRA?

The Australian Veterinary Receptionist Association was established in 2022. It is run by its Board of Directors and Council.

AVRA was founded in May 2022 with the mission to support and raise the profile of veterinary receptionists through training, education and development.

Following in footsteps of the British Veterinary Receptionist Association (BVRA), who have nearly 7000 members, AVRA is the organisation representing veterinary receptionists throughout Australia. AVRA provides a wealth of CPD courses as well as holding the Register of Veterinary Receptionists.

It is important in today’s competitive environment that practices operate professionally and efficiently. With all levels of the veterinary team under time and resource pressure, the contribution veterinary receptionists make is now increasingly appreciated.

Clients spend a significant amount of time with the frontline staff, who are often the first and final points of contact, with scope to create a lasting impression. Investing in the reception team can help you to provide a quality service, operate more efficiently and profitably, and retain valued individuals.

We can help your Veterinary Receptionists through CPD, Training and Events

The AVRA Council

Council members comprise of Associate Veterinary Receptionists (AVRs) who have been elected or appointed by the Council at the AVRA annual general meeting (AGM).